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    Zinav Lake and Plateau

    Zinav Plateau (Zinav Yaylası) is 3 kilometers from Yolüstü (Meğedün) Village of Reşadiye District. The waters of the lake are fresh. The lake is fed by a stream and small flowing water bodies. It has an average area of 1.5 square kilometers. The water discharging from the outlets reaches Kelkit Stream (Kelkit Çayı). There are no marshy areas along its banks. The average depth of the lake is around 10-15 meters. It is a protected forest area. The lake, which is suitable for fishing, has very delicious freshwater fish species such as carp, catfish, Japanese carp which is called red colored rudd. The region is a natural wonder with Zinav Plateau and Zinav Valley (Zinav Vadisi) where organic agriculture is practiced.

    Çamiçi Plateau

    Niksar is on the road to Ünye. Çamiçi Plateau (Çamiçi Yaylası), which is approximately 1350 m above sea level, is 17 km away to the north of the city. It is a natural wonder plateau completely covered with pine trees. The plateau among pine forests has been flooded by visitors thanks to its accommodation facilities in recent years. It is one of the most beautiful places for picnics, hiking and camping.

    Almus Dam Lake

    Almus Dam Lake (Almus Baraj Gölü), which is also prioritized as a trout breeding area today, was built as a zoned landfill type dam where Yeşilırmak enters into Omala Plain strait by slightly changing its direction. The dam is surrounded with forest. There are many bays on the shore. The lake is also an ideal center for water sports and line-fishing.

    Topçam Plateau

    Topçam Plateau (Topçam Yaylası), which is 15 km away from Tokat, is 1600 m high. It is very impressive with its pine-scented air and green appearance.

    Dumanlı Plateau

    Dumanlı Plateau (Dumanlı Platosu) in Almus district, Arısu Village is important with its natural vegetation and clean air. Dumanlı Plateau takes its name from its foggy appearance.