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    Tokat Kebab

    "Tokat Kebab", made in Tokat region, takes its name because of its unique production method in Tokat province for years. Tokat Kebab, which is made in vineyard houses on special occasions before it became a commercial product in Tokat and its surroundings, can be defined as the kebab obtained by bringing together the food products that make up the ingredients according to its specific production method, shaping and cooking it in its own unique Tokat Kebab oven.

    Niksar Walnut

    The most important reasons that make Niksar Walnut (Niksar Cevizi) differs from other walnuts are that it has the characteristics of the region and has superior features sought in consumption and the food industry. The factors that identify the Niksar walnut with Niksar geography: The quality of irrigation water is high in the ecological conditions specific to the region, the soil is not contaminated and suitable for organic agriculture, and it has suitable climatic conditions during the period from flowering to fruit harvest.

    Turhal Yoğurtmacı

    "Yoğurtmaç", made in Turhal region, takes its name from the word yoğurma (kneading) and katlama (folding). Yoğurtmaç prepared to serve guests on religious festivals and special occasions before it became a commercial product in Turhal and its surroundings. It’s a product specific to the region, obtained by combining the dough and stuffing according to its own production method and shaping it and cooking in stone-based ovens. It is produced with poppy seeds, walnuts or it can be consumed plain.

    Zile Kömesi

    Zile Kömesi is a sweet food product that contains walnuts arranged in a string array, prepared with Narince grape must, wheat starch and flour and covered with hasuda. It is a local pudding-like dessert prepared by cooking hasuda, grape must, wheat starch and wheat flour together.

    Bakla Dolması

    Kuru bakla is a kind of dolma (filling) prepared by filling the ingredients consisting of bulgur, onion and various spices into Narince grape leaves which are grown only in Tokat region, and cooked with boned meat.


    A local dish named Bat is unique to Tokat and is one of the regional dishes. This dish, which takes its name from the way it is eaten, started to be known as bat (dip) because it is juicy and consumed by dipping bread into it.

    Zile Pekmezi (Molasses)

    Zile Pekmezi is a solid type of molasses obtained by using egg whites and grapes. It has a very rich composition in terms of nutritional value. It is a good source of carbohydrates and energy. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It is especially recommended for those suffering from iron deficiency.