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  • Tokat GoTürkiye

    Although Tokat is in Black Sea region, some of its districts are located within the borders of Central Anatolia region.



    With its deep-rooted history and hosting many civilizations, Tokat is considered as one of the first settlements of humanity.



    Tokat, which has been the scene of many historical periods since the time of Etiler, has been the junction of important roads that provide transportation between east-west and north-south.



    The cuisine culture of Tokat, where both the Black Sea climate and the continental climate are encountered and which hosts different cultures, has also been affected by this situation. Besides vegetable dishes, meat dishes are also very famous.



    In the plateaus, the oxygen source of Tokat, you can smell the scent of the wonderful vegetation together with the clean air. Tokat plateaus provide visitors with the opportunity to see fascinating landscapes and to view the forest life.



    Kaz Lake Wildlife Development Area (Kaz Gölü Yaban Hayatı Geliştirme Sahası), which has a total of 1170 hectares of protected area, is a nesting and incubation area for local and migratory birds.



    10 vibes for Tokat

    like locals

    Zile Castle is narrated to be the place where the famous Commander Julius Caesar said the words "Veni Vidi Vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) as a result of the war he won.

    48 hours

    in Tokat

    On your first day in Tokat, you can visit Tokat Museum first to discover the city and understand its history better. You can get out of here and visit Sulu Street, which is right across the museum, and you can see the historical Tokat houses here.