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  • Tokat GoTürkiye

    Although Tokat is in Black Sea region, some of its districts are located within the borders of Central Anatolia region. Tokat is in a geographical location dominated by the Hittites, Assyrians, Cimmerians, Persians and Macedonians throughout history.

    Tokat's name in the Ancient Byzantine period was Komana. Later, the city, which was called Evdoksia and Dokia, came to be known as Dokat when it was under the rule of the Arabs, and took various names under the domination of Iran, Seljuk, Mongolian and Ottoman, and finally it was named Tokat under the Ottoman administration. Hosting many civilizations, Tokat draws attention with its historical heritage.

    Julius Caesar, who came to Zela, outside Tokat via Antakya 2055 years ago, defeated the Pontus forces and registered his victory in Zela with his words recorded in history: "Veni, vidi, vici." I came, I saw, I conquered...